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Setting Up and Breaking Down Camp in a Travel Trailer

Everyone's camper is different, so we each will have a different set of tasks to do when setting up and breaking down camp. There are things to do inside and outside and on this page we'll try to give you an idea of what to expect when camping in an RV. This list is not meant to be definitive by any means, it is just how we do our own setup and breakdown. Here we go...

Setting up camp, inside tasks:

  • Let the steps down & fold out hand rail
  • Turn on AC. (Must wait 5 minutes after connecting to shore power due to EMS)
  • Make sure refrigerator is on auto & is closed
  • Remove items from night stand drawer & put into place (clock, fan, etc)
  • Put dinette table up
  • Take out & put into place kitchen items (cutting board, napkin holder, etc)
  • Uncover sink & put cover away
  • Turn on the water heater
  • Turn on water pump
  • Raise the TV antenna
  • Put outside items in place (chairs, rug, table cloth, clothes rack, cooking items, temperature sensors, small table, etc)
  • Put out patio mat

Setting up camp, outside tasks:

  • Unlock Door & Storage Areas
  • Level as needed Fwd/Aft, Left/Right
  • Chock the tires
  • Detach trailer from tow vehicle
  • Store sway bars
  • Open Exhaust Cover (Stovetop Fan)
  • Check shore power circuit with testers
  • Connect Shore Power (if available)
  • Connect Water Hose (if available)
  • Connect Sewer Hose (if available)
  • Open & Secure Awning
  • Lower All 4 Stabilizers
  • Setup satellite dish if desired

Breaking down camp, inside tasks:

  • Bring in outside items (chairs, rug, table cloth, temperature sensors, trash can, etc)
  • Clean, fold & bring in patio mat
  • Lower the TV antenna (make sure arrows are lined up on the knob first)
  • Turn off water heater & water pump
  • Make sure oven, stove and pilot light is out
  • Turn exhaust fan off
  • Turn radio off
  • Make sure all water is off & not dripping
  • Put cover on kitchen sink
  • Close all windows
  • Secure kitchen & misc. items (cutting board, napkin holder, etc)
  • Take table down
  • Remove items from the night stand and put in drawer (fan, clock, etc)
  • Make sure all cabinet doors and drawers are closed correctly
  • Make sure refrigerator is on auto & is closed completely
  • Secure bathroom items
  • Turn off lights
  • Turn off AC
  • Put steps up & fold in hand rail
  • Discard trash or hold until we can

Breaking down camp, outside tasks:

  • Retrieve and store satellite dish
  • Close & Secure Awning
  • Close Exhaust Cover
  • Disconnect & Store Shore Power Cord
  • Disconnect & Store Water Hose
  • Disconnect & Store Sewer Hose
  • Raise All 4 Stabilizers
  • Secure Entry Steps
  • Raise tongue to ball height
  • Grease hitch as needed
  • Attach trailer to truck, brake cable, safety chains, pig tail and sway bars
  • Store wheel chocks
  • Store leveling blocks if used
  • Store blocks the jack rested on
  • Lock Door & Storage Areas
  • Double check everything

So that ought to give you an idea of what it takes to set up and break camp.
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