Scooter Ride to Perry County in Alabama

Perry County is located in west central Alabama. From the northern part of the county where forests cover the trailing end of the Appalachian Mountains, the hills and valleys give way to the grass covered prairies and geometric crop lands of the fabled Black Belt. The generous rains of the changing seasons feed the streams and creeks that run east to the Alabama River and west to the Tombigbee River. Coursing through the county itself is one of America's last free-running wild rivers, the Cahaba, a river that boasts more species of fish than any other in the United States.

The Perry County Courthouse is located in the City of Marion, the county seat of Perry County. The city of Sprott is located approximately 7 miles NE of Marion at the intersection of Hwy 14 and Hwy 183.

Here is a picture of what used to be the Sprott General Store and Post Office located at that intersection. That's small piles of dog food on the porch, it seems someone is feeding strays here.

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