Scooter Ride to Tuscaloosa County in Alabama

Tuscaloosa County was created on 1818 Feb. 6, though its present boundaries were not established until 1820. The county is located in the Appalachian foothills and the coastal plain. The county received its name from the Choctaw Indian word for the Black Warrior River, which flows through the area. The county was inhabited by both Creek and Choctaw Indians. It currently encompasses 1,336 square miles.

The county seat was first established in the town of Tuscaloosa in 1819, moved to Newton in 1822, and then back to Tuscaloosa shortly thereafter. The town of Tuscaloosa was designated the state capital from 1826-45. The state university was established in Tuscaloosa in 1827. Other notable towns include Northport, Brookwood, Holt and Coaling.

Here is a picture of Brice Hospital in Tuscaloosa.

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