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Ram ProMaster RV Camper Van Conversion - Expenses

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Building out your own camper van costs money... but it costs a whole let less than if you paid someone else to do it. And further still, it is way cheaper than buying a Class B Motorhome from a major manufacturer such as Winnebago or RoadTrek. While a manufactured RV may be fancier, ours will be exactly what we want, using the exact materials we want, with the exact design we want. And we won't pay for things we don't want or need! Plus it has a wheelchair lift, which isn't really feasible to put into a factory Class B van.

This page shows how much we spent converting our Ram ProMaster 2500 cargo van into a wheelchair accessible camper. The expenses here are in chronological order and are "out the door" prices including all taxes, fees, delivery charges, etc. For details about each item, see the appropriate build page.

We estimate the total cost of the conversion to be approximately $6,000.00, not counting the wheelchair lift. Add that to the initial cost of the van and we have a custom campervan built just the way we need and want it for under $36,000.00 total. Not bad when you consider a new Winnebago Travato costs between $80,000 and $100,000! We view that as a savings of at least $44,000.00!

2014 Ram ProMaster 2500 Van         xx,xxx.xx
Miscellaneous Items         300.00 +-
Seat Belt Extenders         24.98
Dash Cam         98.99
Insulation         318.38
Window Tinting         300.00
Flooring Materials         216.93
Interior Materials         449.77
MaxxFan Model 7000K         259.98
2 GC2 Batteries (including core charges)         223.49
14000 BTU Air Conditioner         422.00
Electrical Components         414.30
Wheelchair Lift         7500.00
Mattresses         173.00
Microwave Oven         50.19
Drawer and Cabinet Hardware         61.55
Running Boards         240.90

Unlike our first attempt at this, we won't waste much money this time around. We will not include a kitchen this time as we just didn't use it. We will use a Yeti cooler when we need to keep food or drinks cold while traveling. We may install a propane setup later on, but for now we are not installing it. We can simply carry a camp stove and propane tank if we think we will need it.

You know, we never realized how expensive the materials to do this would be. Things like $8 for a hinge! The A/C was the biggest expense by far, but all the hardware and material you need to finish the job adds up to that much, if not more. If you are about to embark on a conversion yourself, just know it will be more expensive than you estimated. Even so, it is all worth it.
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