Scooter Ride to Montgomery County in Alabama

Montgomery County has a very colorful background. Settlers first began to populate the area in the early 1800s. The County of Montgomery was created by an Act of the Legislature of the Mississippi Territory on December 6, 1816, one year before Congress passed the enabling act, allowing the creation of the Alabama Territory from the Mississippi Territory. Montgomery County was carved out of Monroe County and originally embraced the majority of central Alabama, east of the ridge dividing the Tuscaloosa and Tombigbee Rivers from the Cahaba River, west of the Okfuskee and Coosa, and south of the mountains of Blount. However, it was soon subdivided and portions were set apart which made up Elmore, Bullock, and Crenshaw counties.

Here is a picture of Dannelly Field, home of the ANG 187th Fighter Wing. Thank you for your service!

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