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Product Reviews by Jerry n' Cynthia Thumbs Up! You never know what you'll get when you plug your RV into the pedestal at an RV Park or campground. Problems range from none... to major problems like 220 volts! Rather than risking our appliances in the RV, we decided to install a surge protector. We shopped around extensively and narrowed our choice down to models provided by Progressive Industries.

They offer portable models and hard wired models. The portable models can be used easily each time you hook up and the hard wired models take a little effort to install, but once done you never have to mess with them again unless they are damaged saving your RV from a serious electrical problem. We decided the hard wired unit was best for us as we wanted to install it once and forget it. The hard wired unit for 30 amp campers is the EMS-HW30C. If your RV is 50 amp, you will want the EMS-HW50C.
Progressive Industries
We tapped into the main circuit between the camper power cord and the converter. We followed the instructions that came with the unit and after about 30 minutes, we were all done. Installation is straightforward and can be done by anyone who has a basic knowledge of electricity and is reasonably handy with common hand tools... wire cutters, strippers (wire, that is)... and screwdrivers. If you are unsure of yourself, have it installed by a professional!! Our unit came with the remote display that shows the voltage, current, frequency, error codes, and previous errors (if any). This is a plug and play add-on and we love having the readout.

EMS-HW30C The many benefits to this unit include:
  • Voltage Protection - Whenever source power falls below 104 Volts, or rises above 132 volts, the EMS automatically shuts down power to the RV. Once the AC source rises above 104-volts, or below the 132-volt level, the time delay indicator flashes for the preset time and then automatically restores power to RV.
  • Time Delay for A/C Compressor - Whenever source power is interrupted by the source or the EMS due to a fault condition, the built in time delay is activated. There are two settings on the EMS; one is 136 seconds, and the other is 15 seconds. Consult you Air Conditioner manual to see if it has a time delay built in. If yes, use the 15-second delay. If no, use the 136-second delay.
  • 3 Mode Surge Protection - This feature provides full surge protection: L-N, L-G, and N-G. Total Joule rating is 1780, response time of <1 nano second
  • Surge Indicator - If ever a power surge damages the surge protector circuit within the EMS L-N, or L-G, the digital display error code will read E-10. This is your indication that it needs to be replaced.
  • Reverse Polarity Protection - If source power is a reverse polarity condition, the EMS will not allow power to the RV and the error code will read E1.
  • Open Neutral Protection - If the source has an open neutral condition the display will not appear, and will not allow power to the RV.
  • Open Ground Protection - If source power has an open ground condition, the EMS will read an error code of E2 and will not allow power to the RV.
  • AC Frequency Protection - If source power frequency deviates by (+/-) 9 hertz from 60 cycles per second, the EMS will shut down source power, and indicate an E7 or E8 error code on the digital display.
  • Accidental 220V Protection - If 220 volts is detected when plugging into source power the EMS will not allow power to the RV. If this condition occurs while power is applied to the RV, the EMS shuts off power instantly. In either case the display will read the voltage and E3 or E5 will be displayed depending on the error code.
  • Remote Display - Scrolls continuously through all of the power source information: voltage, current, frequency, error codes, and previous errors. Each reading is displayed for 2 seconds.
  • Previous Error Code - This feature tells the user why the EMS previously interrupted power to the RV. This is only displayed if an error actually occurs, and resets when power is disconnected to the EMS.
  • Bypass Switch - This switch is located on the remote panel, and allows the user to bypass the computer circuit in the EMS in the event of computer failure, thus allowing source power into the RV. This does not disable the surge protection portion of the EMS.
  • Modular Design - Replacement parts are designed for simple plug and play, making repairs extremely user friendly.
  • Microprocessor Controlled - The computer and remote display are driven by state of the art microprocessors that are programmed with software to drive the entire EMS. Should ever this software be changed, EMS owners can receive a free upgrade processor with the return of the old.

You may go years and never encounter an electrical problem while camping, but the odds are against you. Some problems, like low voltage, you may never be aware of but it will dramatically shorten the life of your appliances. Other problems, like accidental 220v will get your attention immediately... and the repairs will be expensive. Much more than this unit will cost you!

So do yourself a favor and grab one of the fine products offered by Progressive Industries. You'll be much better off not having to worry about electrical issues while camping. One final word, be sure to mount the main unit off the floor or wall about 1/2 an inch as it will get hot.

The EMS-HW30C offer these and other features:
  • Voltage Protection
  • Accidental 220V Protection
  • Microprocessor Controlled
  • Dimensions: 5"W x 9½"L x 3¼"H
  • Manufacturer's three year warranty.
  • Visit the official Progressive Industries web site for more information.

Overall, we give the EMS-HW30C a 5 out of 5!
Five Stars
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Shop for the hard wired units at this page.

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