Scooter Ride to Dale County in Alabama

Dale County was created by the Alabama legislature on 1824 Dec. 22. It was named for Gen. Sam Dale, pioneer and Indian fighter. Dale County is located in the southeastern part of the state, wholly within the coastal plain. It is bordered by Pike, Barbour, Henry, Houston, Geneva, and Coffee counties. It currently encompasses 561 square miles. Originally, the county seat was located at Dale Court House, which later became Daleville. An election in 1870 resulted in the removal of the county seat to Ozark. The courthouses suffered damage by fire in 1869 and 1884. Other towns and communities include Ariton, Newton, Midland City, and the U.S. Army Base at Fort Rucker.

Here is a picture of the county line road sign. Hated to use this as our photo but we were only in the county for 3 miles and there was nothing else to see. That's the wife in the picture up ahead, she didn't see the sign and rode past it. Luckily we have 2-way headsets so I told her to stop.

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