Scooter Ride to Bibb County in Alabama,_Alabama

Bibb County was originally created as Cahawba County by the Alabama Territorial Legislature on 1818 Feb. 7. Alterations were made to the boundaries in 1818, 1819, 1820, 1821 and 1868. The county name was changed to Bibb on 1820 Dec. 4, in honor of Alabama's first governor, William Wyatt Bibb.

The county is located near the center of the state and is drained by the Cahaba River. The terrain is very hilly and there are significant mineral deposits in the northern part of the county. Bibb County encompasses 625 square miles. The county seat is located at Centreville, the site of the falls in the Cahaba River. Other towns include Blocton, West Blocton, Brent, Six Mile and Ashby.

We stopped in old downtown Centreville in front of the "Bank Building" and met up with another rider. He wanted to be famous so he posed in the picture with us. Additionally, here is a picture of the historical marker located at the entrance to Six Mile Park.

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