Review - Coleman Max Sling Chair

Product Reviews by Jerry n' Cynthia Thumbs Down!Coleman... no longer the legendary company it used to be. In our opinion, they are nothing more than peddlers of Chinese made junk with a Coleman label slapped on it.

We previously had a pair of simple, Chinese made folding camping chairs that we bought from Walmart. We paid $8.88 a piece for them and they lasted about a year and a half. When we went to look for replacement chairs, we wanted something of a better quality and didn't mind paying a little more. We chose a pair of Coleman Max Sling Chairs and paid $28.88 each for them. Yes, from Walmart again.

We chose the Coleman Max because of the design and the fact they would support a lot of weight. Now Jerry weighs 180# and Cynthia significantly less than that, so we thought these chairs would last for years. After 7 months, the chairs are falling apart at the seams, literally. Walmart wouldn't take them back or exchange them due to the amount of time that had passed, but we knew that before hand. Coleman said they would replace them if we shipped them to them at our expense. We looked into that and found it would cost us $17 per chair to ship them back for replacement, meaning we would have to pay $34 to get the chairs replaced. I think not, especially to get the same Chinese made chair again.

We'll just chalk this up as a life lesson and the Coleman company won't be getting any more of our money. If you're in the market for folding camping chairs, avoid anything branded as Coleman. Well, unless you just need a chair for about 6 months.

Overall, we give the Coleman Max Sling Chair a 1 out of 5.
One Stars
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