Scooter Ride to Conecuh County in Alabama,_Alabama

Conecuh County was created by the Alabama Territorial legislature on 1818 Feb. 13, from part of Monroe County. Its name comes from the Muscogee language, and has been interpreted to mean either "land of cane" or "polecat's head." The county's size was altered several times before 1868, when it received its present dimensions. It currently comprises 854 square miles. Conecuh County lies in the southern portion of the state, and is bordered by Monroe, Butler, Covington, and Escambia Counties. The county seat was at Sparta from 1818 until 1868, when it was moved to Evergreen. Other towns and communities include Castleberry and Repton.

Here is a picture of the Conecuh Sausage Company in Evergreen. It appears they weren't open when we decided to visit. And it may look sunny in the picture, but we had just ridden through a downpour. The wife says her rain suit matches my backpack.

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