Video: Jerry's Motorcycle Wreck

In July 2013, Jerry was riding kis Kymco Like 200i scooter near Helena, Alabama. As Jerry approached an intersection where he intended to make a left turn, he was broadsided by a truck that failed to yield his right of way. Jerry was severly injured and suffered a broken collar bone, broken shoulder blade, torn tendons in his right shoulder and massive bruising over most of his body. This accident is Jerry's only accident in 35 years of riding. Sadly, it ended his riding altogether. He is afraid he could not withstand another impact such as this... and this wreck was at very slow speeds!

Jerry loved to ride. He rode either the Kymco or his Can-Am Spyder almost every day that the weather was nice. It has been devastating to him to not ride anymore. The man that hit him didn't mean to do it, but he has no idea all that he took from Jerry that day.

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