Video: Scooter Ride To Get A Haircut

Clear skies and 65 degrees today so I took the bikes out of cold storage. I rode the 2012 Can Am Spyder RT-S SE5 for a good bit this morning, then I hopped on the 2012 Kymco Like 200i scooter. The Spyder gets 30 MPG and the Kymco gets 90 MPG so unless the wife is with me, I ride the Kymco. I rode around for a bit and it was uneventful, so I decided to go get a haircut. I left the camera rolling as I went in, aren't you glad? There are usually a half dozen men there but today it was empty. Two others came in before I was done so you may get a glimpse of them. I got my usual haircut, a high and tight. The price is $9 and I usually tip a dollar.

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