Video: Random Riding Encounters April 2013

More riding time in April so more encounters to show you. Nobody died that I know of, but one of the car wrecks was pretty bad. Neither Cynthia nor I suffered any harm this month, thank the Lord! Below is a list of what is in the video.

What's in the video this month:
1. Someone driving on the wrong side of the road!
2. Dog attacks me, extremely close call! Yikes!
3. Bad car wreck / car crash. Possible fatality.
4. Another car crash, she rear ended a log truck.
5. 3 dogs attack me while I was riding!
6. Goats by the road... I like goats.
7. Someone ran a red light - whoops!
8. 3 car pile up, not sure of any injuries.
9. Massive red light runners! Shame shame.
10. Buzzards in the road, one chases me and I wasn't dead!

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