After a very brief 15 minutes in Idaho, we entered the great state of Utah. The tourism department for the state of Utah has this awesome commercial on TV ( see it on YouTube ) that really compels you to go there. Now we didn't go here because of the commercial because we had planned our trip before it came out. But you know what... it is the greatest feeling to see the commercial and be able to say that we have been to all 5 national parks in Utah. We love to see places on TV and say "we have been there!".

Anyway, this page is not about the national parks specifically. They all have their own pages. This page is about the other things we saw as we traveled through Utah. This is a gorgeous state and the landscape here is stunning. It is so different than Alabama! Be sure to stay off the interstates, take the scenic routes and see what this state has to offer.

We visited here in 07/2014.

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