Bryce Canyon National Park

The tourism department for the state of Utah has this awesome commercial on TV ( see it on YouTube ) that really compels you to go there. One of the parks they want you to see is Bryce Canyon National Park. Bryce Canyon is famous for its hoodoos. You can click that link to find out exactly what hoodoos are.

You know, we loved Utah and all 5 of its national parks... but dang we wish Jerry could walk better. We weren't able to see a good many things at this park because it required walking or hiking. Oh well, he has been crippled since 1990 and we know in advance issues like this will be common. But still, it is a shame we have to miss so much. But all you non-cripple folks, put on your hiking shoes and get your rumps to Utah!

We visited here in 07/2014.

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