Arches National Park

The tourism department for the state of Utah has this awesome commercial on TV ( see it on YouTube ) that really compels you to go there. One of the parks they want you to see is Arches National Park. Now we had never been there before and hadn't really done much research on it, so we had this image in our mind of a park with arches all over the place. Well, that's just not the case. There really aren't that many arches you can see without hiking.

As you may know, hiking is not an option for us. Thankfully they make cameras with really good zoom. We were able to see all that you could see from the road and parking areas. We took pictures of it all and have posted them below. We hope you enjoy them but do keep in mind, there is much more to see in Arches National Park than what we were able to see. So you non-cripple folks, put on your hiking shoes and get your rumps to Utah!

We visited here in 07/2014.

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