Rock City

We've always wanted to go "See Rock City" specifically because of all the old barns that had that painted on them. We remember the days when these Rock City signs were all over the place and unlike modern billboards, they were tastefully done. Our son Robby hopped on his Kawasaki Ninja and we got on our Honda Reflex and we made the 3 hour ride to Rock City. We left in the late afternoon and it ended up being dark when we arrived. The only incident on the ride is when we hit an armadillo that was in the road. Thankfully, we were able to use it like a ramp and jump it and we never even came close to falling. Rob was paying attention behind us and saw our tail light make the jump so he was able to avoid the carcass.

We spent the night in a local motel before beginning our sightseeing tour of Chattanooga. We headed over to the Incline Railway and rode that up to the top. That was a little scary but still kinda cool. After leaving the railway, we rode around Chattanooga a little bit to enjoy the sights and architecture then it was off to Rock City. Once we entered the park itself, they had this huge birdhouse you could stick your head in for pictures. Rob, being the teenager he was at the time, refused to do this so we asked the family behind us if we could borrow a child. The little girl giggled with excitement and joined us.

We took several hours to meander all over Rock City, going everywhere they would let us. Cynthia didn't care for the hanging bridge but she made it across safely. We made it to the top of Lookout Mountain where you can gaze for miles and miles and miles. We had a great time at Rock City but for us, it is one of those attractions that once you have been there, there really isn't a reason to go back again. We took a few pictures and you can see those below. Maybe on our next trip to Chattanooga, we will visit the aquarium... we hear it is pretty awesome.

We visited here in 09/2007.

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