We wanted to pick up the state of Nevada on this trip but didn't really want to go to Las Vegas. There is almost nothing we care to see or do in Las Vegas. The exceptions were the places where they film the TV shows Rick's Restorations and Pawn Stars.

We had both of these locations in the GPS already and it took us straight to them. First was Ricks, so we stopped there to take a few pictures. We saw other people falling all over the people in the TV show wanting to get their pictures taken with them... yeah, that ain't us. We couldn't care less about "celebrities" so we just took a couple of pictures to show we had been there and left. The reason we left so soon was you had to pay to see the interesting parts of their business and to be honest, we don't like the show THAT much. Now the Pawn Stars place was a disaster. We parked, walked in 3 feet, did a 180° turn and walked right back out. We hopped back in the car and made a beeline for Henderson, NV where we planned to stay the night. The best part of Nevada (for us) was staying in a suite for $56 a night and getting our first taste of IN-n-OUT Burger. Yum!

We visited here in 07/2014.

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