New Mexico

After leaving Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado, we spent the night in Farmington, New Mexico. We almost didn't get a room as there was some sort of convention going on plus a huge influx of oil workers. We checked 4 motels before finding a room at a local place. As we drove through New Mexico, we stopped at Cline's Corner but didn't buy anything. These roadside tourist places are all the same, carry almost all the same crap and charge ridiculous prices. We only stopped so we could say we had been there. From there we headed south to Roswell where we snapped a few pictures of... yep, you guessed it, aliens. Roswell was OK, but we expected it to be more than it was. Our initial plan was to spend the night here in an alien themed motel, but we were so disappointed in them we continued on down to Carlsbad.

We visited here in 07/2014.

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