Cahaba LIllies - Road Trip Picture Gallery

We took a short ride from Centreville, AL over to West Blocton, AL to take a look at the Cahaba Lillies. These lillies are found only in Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and parts of North Carolina. Here in Alabama we call them Cahaba Lillies, the other states refer to them as Shoal Lillies. These lillies bloom from early May to late June and each flower blossom opens overnight and lasts for one day, so if you want to see them, you better get a move on. These plants are on the endangered species list so be sure not to fiddle with them, else you get fined or sent off to a federal prison somewhere. Below are some of the pictures we took of them so if you aren't able to go see them in person, you can at least see them here.

We visited here in 05/2016.

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