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Ram ProMaster RV Camper Van Conversion - Wheelchair Lift

This is the original conversion we did. If you are looking for the index page of this project, click here. If you want to see the new build, click here.

Braun Millennium 2 Wheelchair Lift
The VA refused to put in an occupied wheelchair lift for us, so we ended up buying one ourselves. The VA was willing to install a small lift that picks up just the chair, but we didn't want holes drilled into the van for that type of lift. We felt it might interfere with the installation of an occupied lift later on. Anyway, we have to have a wheelchair lift, so we bought a used Braun Millennium 2 lift. We paid $1500 for the lift and spent about $300 going to North Carolina to get it and buying a few items needed to install it... so total cost was $1850.00. Not too bad seeing as a new lift costs $7000.00!

Ram ProMaster Conversion Wheelchair Lift

Ram ProMaster Conversion Wheelchair Lift

There is a picture of the lift installed. Thankfully, we were able to get it installed it at no cost to us and save a bundle of cash. Our installation didn't include the tranmsission and parking brake sensors. We don't need them (we aren't dumb enough to try to operate the lift with the van moving) and that would have been another $450 anyway.

Update: You always take a risk buying used. We had the seller demonstrate the lift before we bought it, and of course it worked fine at the time. Well, now it is very sluggish on the folding up operation. We'll have to take it by a Braun dealer so they can take a look at it and hopefully fix the problem. I wonder how much THAT will cost?

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