Everything we document on this website, we feel to be valid information and quite possibly beneficial to others. With that in mind, we are not professionals. Everything on our website is our opinion and should be treated as such. We document things we have done just to give other people something to look at. It is not intended to be a guide or instruction of any sort. Anything labeled as a "how to", "guide" or similar term, is meant to show you how we did it, not necessarily how you should do it. If you wish to undertake a project similar to the things we document on this site, we urge you to seek the advice of a licensed professional. That professional may be an electrician, a carpenter, an HVAC person, a psychiatrist, or whatever. Doing what we say we did the way we did it may not yield the same results for you as it did for us. You assume 100% of the risk for actions you take, especially from stuff you read on the internet.

Y'all have a blessed day!
Jerry and Cynthia

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