Scooter Ride to Lawrence County in Alabama

Lawrence County was created by an act of the Alabama Territorial General Assembly on 6 Feb. 1818. It was formed from former Cherokee Indian land. It currently encompasses 693 square miles. The county is located in the northwestern part of the state and is bounded on the north by the Tennessee River. The county is named for Capt. James Lawrence (Vermont), a naval hero of the War of 1812. The county seat was established in Moulton in 1820. Other towns of note include Courtland and Town Creek.

Here is a picture of the old Bank of Moulton.  I set the camera on the tripod and was running back to get into the picture, but since I am crippled and can't really run - I didn't make it in time.  Oh yeah, the clock in the picture didn't work. I think it shows the time that Marty McFly went back to the future.

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