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Ram ProMaster RV Camper Van Conversion - Accessories

This is the original conversion we did. If you are looking for the index page of this project, click here. If you want to see the new build, click here.

This page documents things we did to the van (or items we added to it) during the conversion process that did not fit into one of the main categories listed on the project index page.

Window Tinting
Our van did not come with privacy glass, so anyone could see right in and there was no protection from the sun. We took the van to a local tint shop that carries the lifetime guaranteed SunTek film and had them tint the windows on both sliding doors, the rear doors as well as the cab doors. The rear doors have a defogger on them so we certainly had to leave this task to the professionals. The tint is very, very dark on the back (5% rating) and has a built in thermal barrier to protect against heat and UV rays. The cab doors have a 32% rating and also block out the heat and UV rays. Total cost for the tint job was $300 and it sure does look good!

Seat Belt Extenders
The seat belt latches on the van are down beside the seats and difficult to reach. Additionally, if you start the van and the seatbelt isn't fastened, it makes this extremely annoying beeping sound. These extenders instantly add 3 inches and prevent that buzzer from going off. Well worth the cost of $24.98!

Dash Cam Mount
We already had a Mini 080x Dash Cam in the car, and we took that out when we traded it in. However, the sticky mount needed to be replaced so we just ordered a new one. The dash cam was installed in the front windshield and it goes on and off as the van is turned on and off. We have captured quite a bit with this little dash cam and I would never be without one. The cost of the new mount was $7.99.

Small things like wire, connectors, nuts & bolts, etc won't be listed out in detail. Lots of things we had on hand already and other things we had to run out and buy. We don't feel it is necessary to list all this small stuff or keep track of what it cost. That being said, we probably spent several hundred dollars on it. The real reason we don't know the total for this is we kept forgetting to keep track of it all.

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