South Dakota

July 2014 was when we did our massive 22 state, 15 national park road trip. We made it safely through Nebraska, Iowa and even into Sioux Falls, SD. We made a quick jaunt over the state line into Minnesota so we could say we went there. We planned to spend the night in Sioux Falls but we did not like any of the motels we saw near the airport, so we drove 60 more miles and stayed at the Thunderbird Lodge in Mitchell, SD. This was a great motel and very reasonable considering the area.

When we woke up the next morning, we intended to go see the Corn Palace but forgot all about it and left town without seeing it. About 50 miles down the road, we remembered we did not go see it. Oh well, it wasn't meant to be. We did drive on into the Badlands and there is a page with info on that. All the major attractions we saw in South Dakota have their own page, too. This page is the minor stuff we saw, you know, like The World's Largest Prairie Dog! Yippee! We even got to feed the prairie dogs and that was pretty cool. We love to feed stuff. It was kinda funny because the prairie dogs are all so fat from constantly being fed by silly tourists.

We went through a lot of towns while in South Dakota and there is tons to see. The history in the state is amazing and it was so cool to actually be in the places you normally only see on TV or the internet.

When we finally made it to Rapid City, we stayed 2 days here at the Garden Cottages Motel. The little cottages were showing their age, but it was still a very nice place to stay. Below are the pictures we took in South Dakota. Remember, these are just the miscellaneous South Dakota pictures, not the major attractions.

We visited here in 07/2014.

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