Hoover Dam

When you leave Henderson, Nevada headed into Arizona, the first thing you come to is the Hoover Dam. According to Google maps, half the dam is in Nevada and the other half is in Arizona. Now this landmark is quite famous so we had to stop and take a look. It was very early in the morning when we got here so there weren't many other people. I think the security guard was glad to see us, LOL. It did not cost us anything to drive across the dam, so we went to the other side to take some pictures. It was very evident just how bad the drought is out there.

After taking a few pictures, we headed back across the dam and out to the main road. We wanted to make sure we drove over the new bridge they built to bypass the dam. You can see the bridge in the pictures below. It was neat to visit here and now when we see the Hoover Dam on TV, we can point and say "Hey! We've been there!".

We visited here in 07/2014.

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