Mammoth Cave National Park

We took a 6 day road trip in 2016 to visit this National Park, The Ark Encounter, The Creation Museum, and the fall colors in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. This location was our second stop, the Picker's store in Nashville was first. We stayed at Singing Hills RV Park for one night and spent the daylight hours visiting the park and the towns of Cave City and Horse Cave. Mammoth Cave is not wheelchair accessible so we did not get to see the majority of it. They do have one small wheelchair accessible tour, but it is only once a day and we missed it. We did see everything at ground level which was nice.

We did go into Cave City and see the old Teepee Motel. There are only 2 of 10 left in existence and we have seen them both. The other is in Holbrook, Arizona. Cave City as well as Horse Cave are historic little towns and worth going to see if you are into that sort of thing. Sadly, this area is hard hit economically and you can really tell. Lots of closed businesses, lots of run down roadside stands and many abandoned structures. I guess the National Park is not enough of a draw to keep this area growing.

Below are the pictures we took of the park. The pictures we took of the local towns can be seen on the Kentucky pages.

We visited here in 10/2016.

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