July 2014 was when we did our massive 22 state, 15 national park road trip. After departing the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, we headed west across Missouri towards Kansas. We did not encounter much in Missouri and that's because we drove on the interstate. We crossed into Kansas and headed on through Topeka en route to Manhattan. This is where we spent the night. We wanted to stay here for 2 reasons, first it was getting late in the day and we were tired... and second, we wanted to be able to tell folks we spent the night in Manhattan! If they press for details, we will tell them it was Manhattan, Kansas and not New York.

On our journey through the state, we saw The World's Largest Ball of Twine, 2 tiny churches, the Johnny Kaw statue, 102° temperatures, and the geographical center of the continental United States. Woohoo Kansas! Our favorite part of Kansas was the center of the US. We drove a full day out of the way to come see this spot and it was absolutely worth it.

We visited here in 07/2014.

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