Walt Disney World

In 2007, Rob and Jerry took Cynthia to Disney World. Jerry had been numerous times as a teenager since he only lived an hour away but Cynthia had never experienced mouse hospitality. It may have been Rob's first time as well but I'm not sure. We planned our trip to central Florida with the city of Lake Wales being our destination. This is the town where Jerry was born and he still had a few relatives living there, namely his grandmother who he called "Grandnana" (pronounced "Grand Non Uh") and his great Aunt Betty, Grandnana's sister.

We arrived in Lake Wales and Grandnana was happy to have us stay at her house. We made the hour drive to Disney taking US 27 up to 192 and coming in from the back side. Lots less traffic and much easier to get in and out. We parked and made note of what section we were in because you will NOT find your car if you don't know where you parked it. The parking lot of Disney World is humongous, big enough to fit Disneyland in it. We have heard stories of people riding the trams for hours searching for their car. We paid our admission fees, Jerry rented a handicap scooter and away we went!

Disney World Ferry

We took the ferry from the parking lot to the main park. The ferry is much faster than the monorail, but by all means take the monorail if you never have before. It will give you a tour of the Disney area before dropping you off at the terminal. Disney has changed quite a bit since Jerry was a kid... the prices are absolutely ridiculous and the lines are horrendous. You spend a good portion of your day waiting in line and this is why they suggest you stay multiple days otherwise you will not get to see everything. Even if you are older, ride the kiddie rides... you will be glad you did.

Be sure to watch the parades and fireworks shows as you can. Don't skip the main street shops as there is some neat stuff there. I guess the best advice we can give is this... think like a little kid while you are there and you will enjoy it all the more. Stay as many days as you can afford to and visit the parks that interest you. If you have an RV, the Disney Campground is second to none. Below are the pictures we took during our visit. It wasn't that many as we were more focused on having a good time than taking pictures of every little thing. One last thing... look for hidden Mickeys when you are there.

Update: Grandnana passed away at the age of 92 on June 15, 2014. We miss her terribly.

We visited here in 06/2007.

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