Music Row and Antique Archaeology

We took a 6 day road trip in the fall of 2016 to visit the "picker's store" and Music Row in Nashville, Mammoth Cave National Park, The Ark Encounter, The Creation Museum, and the fall colors in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Our first stop was Music Row and Antique Archaeology. The picker's store doesn't open until 10am and we arrived in Nashville around 9am so we went to Music Row first. There was some sort of charity event going on so some streets were blocked and there was a lot of foot traffic. We took pictures of the "strip" which is Broadway Street. This street had places like The Stage and Hardrock Cafe. From what we could tell online, this is what people generally come to see when they think of Music Row. We drove around for several blocks then headed towards the picker's store.

We arrived at Antique Archaeology at 9:30am and there were about 40 people in line already. We were lucky enough to find a free place to park on the street very near the store. We got in line and at 10am they opened the store. It is a very small store and they only let so many in at a time, making others wait until someone comes out. We were part of the first group in and we browsed around a bit. Our goal was to see something in the store that we had seen on a TV episode. We did find one item like this and it was the thing with the hanging bombs on it. I think we had just seen that episode on TV the week before.

The prices in the store are absurd. Simple t-shirts with the logo on it were $25 and all the common sizes were out of stock. Thats's right, we did not get a t-shirt because the style we wanted had no large sizes available. Now if you want one with something on it that is barely recognizable as being from Antique Archaeology, then you had better options. The "antiques" in the store were displayed nicely but very expensive. There was no way we would be buying anything. We did, however, buy a small magnet that had their logo on it for $2.99 plus tax. We made our purchase and left. I think we spent a total of 10 minutes inside the store. It was rather disappointing.

We are not interested in celebrities, but many people are. Mike, Frank nor Danielle was there and all the other people were quite disappointed. The other funky girl with a green strip of hair in front was there, but no one was interested in her like they are with the 3 main characters of the show. If your are coming to Nashville anyway, go ahead and stop by here but I wouldn't make a trip if Antique Archaeology is your only destination.

We visited here in 10/2016.

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