The Creation Museum

The Creation Museum is just across the river from Cincinnati, Ohio in Petersburg, KY.  We bought a combo ticket to the Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum.  We figured we would see both since they were so close together.  To read about our visit to the Ark Encounter, click here.  We spent about 3 1/2 hours at the Ark and decided we had enough time to visit here on the same day.  The Creation Museum is easy to find and getting here was not bad at all, even though these people on the Interstate drive like maniacs with little regard for other vehicles on the road.  We were astonished at how few cars have blinkers on them.

The Creation Museum

You can see a good bit of the Creation Museum park without paying an admission fee, but you need a ticket to take the tours inside.  We watched a short Biblical video and while it was good, it was geared towards those who do not know Christ.  We wandered around the main building a bit then wen on the main tour.  We quickly discovered that this placed seems like it is geared to kids more so than adults.  Everything is well done and the story is accurate.  That is much more than we can say for so-called Biblical movies these days.  They tend to be a little liberal and a lot less literal.

The Creation Museum

While the museum was quite busy, it was not overly crowded.  There was room to see all the exhibits and take pictures without having strangers get in the shot.  They have a large botanical garden area but we did not go to that part as it was of little interest to us.  You can see all the main stuff in less than 2 hours but give yourself more time if you plan to see everything the park has to offer.  Our ticket was good for 2 days but we only needed one.  Your mileage may vary.

We took a fair amount of pictures at the museum.  We have shared them all with your below and we hope you enjoy them.

We visited here in 10/2016.

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