BBQ Ride

A group of riders from the area decided to go have some BBQ in Dora, AL. Finally! A sunny day with moderate temperatures and the perfect time for a ride. "postmaster" organized the ride and we all met in Leeds at the Chevron station near the Bass Pro Shop at 11am. Cynthia and I arrived about 10:45am on the Can Am Spyder and there was about half a dozen riders already there. We topped off the fuel tank as we had ridden from Centreville, then joined the group. We tried to introduce ourselves but somehow they already knew who we were, LOL.

More riders arrived in time for the 11am departure, a total of 11 made the trip. This ride was a 2 stage event with stage 1 being a ride to Green Top BBQ near Dora, and stage 2 being a ride to the Cook's Museum in Decatur. We only rode stage 1 as we were going to Tuscaloosa to see the grand kids later that afternoon. The ride was fun, we had a couple near misses where people in cars had trouble seeing men on motorcycles... and some goober at the end of stage 1 who got mad because he had to slow down because of us. His testosterone levels were off the chart so he turned around and confronted the group as we pulled into the BBQ place. His girlfriend had more sense than he did and told him to shut up and get back in the truck, which he did. I just know when he tells the story, it will be about the day he single-handedly took on 12 members of a notorious biker gang and they all backed down. :)

Green Top BBQ, Dora, AL

I had a burger and Cynthia had a BBQ sandwich and both were quite delicious. In the words of a famous actor, "this IS a tasty burger". (Who knows what movie that is from?) We have a little hole-in-the-wall place here in Centreville that has good food, too. Maybe one day a ride will pay a visit to Wallace's Diner.

Thanks postmaster for the ride, we really enjoyed it and are looking forward to future rides with our friends from the area. Over in the left column is a video of stage 1 from start to finish. My helmet cam is a Midland XTC 200 HD mounted on the left side of my helmet. Audio is muted since it was just wind noise anyway. Crank up your own tunes and enjoy the video.

We spent more on fuel than we did at the little BBQ place. We rode a total of 209 miles this day and got to enjoy part of the day with our biker friends and part of the day with our grand kids. Ahh, good times.

Here is a video we took during the ride with our helmet cam.
The helmet cam is a Midland XTC 200 HD. See it here:
The dash cam in the car is a Mini 0801. See it here:

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