Gulf Shores, Alabama

On October 19, 2013, we won the use of a condo for a week in Gulf Shores! Cynthia bought a chance in a contest and amazingly, she won. So we made plans to drive down to Gulf Shores and spend a week enjoying the scenery. Now Cynthia really loves the beach and can sit under an umbrella reading a book all day long... but Jerry prefers the mountains. Oh well, off to the beach.

We've been to the beach numerous times and have even been to this area twice before (maybe 3 times, we forget), so it wasn't like this was a new experience for us. Cynthia grabbed a book and headed down to the sand and spent a lot of time reading and tanning. Jerry watched a whole lot of TV this week. We did visit the "Throwed Rolls" place and that was a hoot, and we also drove up and down the coastline. We saw the forts, rode the ferry, watched some gorgeous sunsets, saw a ship and even kissed on the sand. All in all, it was a good trip.

Below are all the pictures we took during this trip. We hope you enjoy them.

We visited here in 10/2013.   See also this page: Gulf State Park

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